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We offer the best in Frosted Window Film, Privacy Film and Frosted Stickers Supply & Installation services in a Vast range of applcations such as for Home, Villa, Residential Apartment, Buildings, etc., Feel free to contact us to help you to Find out the best match of Window Films suiting your requirements and to install it on the glasses at your place. Our installation team operates nationwide in all over the UAE region and have a wealth of a very good professional experience, allowing them to guarantee a perfect finish with the minimum of fuss( worry, or excitement that is unnecessary or greater than the situation deserves).

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Looking for Frosted window film or a similar option plain frosting or designer film or want to get Customized film with your own design on one for your home? You’ve found the right place! Prestige Window Films offers you the highest quality frosted window film products at a competitive price. Frosted Window Film is a perfect, easy way to add transformation to your normal window by having an important and eye catching look! It adds color, privacy and style which adds to the beauty of your windows, glass panels and glass doors. Transform kitchen windows, bathroom, bedrooms, and even partitions and doors into beautiful works of art.

PRESTIGE WINDOW FILMS has been in thefrosted window film business for over a decade (10 years), and we continue to grow. We attribute our growth to the combination of providing the highest quality product with excellent customer service. We are here to help you get the ease and having the best experience in finding and installing the film you desire and need.

No one would like to have boring windows with no good and uninteresting look – these can be so much more for your home. With the use of Frosted window film for Home, One can farmore be creative. Variations in design, colors and patterns allow you to have the best windows of your dreams. It also helps to improve your home’s attractiveness as viewed from the outside or inside of house. Frosted Film are also available as one of Frosted Film sticker and Privacy Window film which also gives the Opaque film appearance adding up to Privacy and good look of the glass. If you donot need any design cut or printed on the film , the frosted film can be used just for two way Privacy. The plain frosted also gives your glass a very elegently enhanced look letting in adequate amount of light at the same time.

Frosted Films are easy to remove and are customizable

For an instance if you are tired of the present window film that you have got installed on your windows, doors, glass panels, partitions,etc., and you want to switch it with something different may be your own customized design ona frosted sticker or just plain frosting, Thankfully, it is so simple and easy to remove these frosted sticker film from your windows. All you need to do is just peel it back. There is no residue or mess left behind.

You can do anything creative with your windows thanks to frosted film. From adding your designs and ideas to having the look of etched glass, stained glass , there is no limit with these frosted sticker. The fun part of Frosted Window Films and Stickers is that you can be as creative as you can be with these type of amazingly utilizable window films.

Frosted film and Frosted Sticker for Home are a very effective and an important way as we go for the aesthetics and styled appearance of the glass, doors, windows, partitions, etc.



Frosted Films stand out to be very much beneficial as we talk of the aesthetic appearance, application and its customization.


We all want our important and special things, properties and possessions to be looking great, beautiful and elegant, which is why in the design of our homes or offices, we use materials that reflect such characteristic features. One material object that manifests these traits is the glass. Glasses have that elegance and this is the reason for it being a common choice among professional designers for Homes, Villas and other Residential Building


Here we have the frosted glass window film and sticker which are also referred to as the decorative film we all know. The word “window” may possibly be ignored in the description as the frosted glass film is been accepted as usable not just on the windows but wherever and whatever type of glass is found to be appropriate to appy this film.


Frosted glass window film is a sticker adhesive film which can be applied on any surface of the glass that is smooth and clear. Such care is taken because if there are any impurities left or dust if any then the film will bubble up at that place or wont settle. Its main importance for windows is been known to be suitable also for the glasses in the interior used for many other purposes such as partitions or space breakers.

Since it adds up the “Frosted” effect to, it blurs the transparency of the glass and increase in the privacy is attained of whatever is inside the area enclosed by it. Frosted glass film is a much better alternative to the the sandblasting or acid etching frosted effect glass. The frosted glass films and stickers when applied creates a pitted surface on one side of the glass pane and has the effect of rendering the glass translucent by scattering the rays of the light which passes through it, thus blurring images while still it is transmitting a good amount of light.

Application of Frosted Film and Sticker

  • Attain a Visual privacy level while still an adequate amoun of the light is allowed to pass
  • It also Creates an airtight seal in the tubes
  • Used to uniformly distribute the light in the photographic contact printer
  • Frosted glass that is seen in the light bulbs is has a very good use as it helps evenly distributing the light from the bulb's filament across its surface area.
  • Various desired patterns and designs may be added on the plain glass by the use of wax or other any such inhibitors to retain the areas Which are transparent.


Some of the most important Essential Features and advantages of using Frosted window films and Privacy Film are as under:

  • A Better alternative to that of the curtains or blinds
  • Transforms an old setup and projects new ambiance
  • Available in Various Colours, patterns and customizable
  • Reduces the glare of Sun and and allows adequate amount of light enter through it
  • Blocks the harmful ultra violet rays hence preventing damaging of the skin
  • Enhances the appearance and maintains privacy level
  • Projects a new appearance style

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